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Hello. This page holds a number of files which may be of use to players of Sierra's "Front Page Sports Football Pro." The first set of files are from the now-defunct Sierra BBS, the second set are files which I have created over the years, or converted from other sites. I hope you find them helpful and fun!

Files from Sierra BBS
Most of these files are for FPSFP '95, though some of them will work with other versions; if using '96 or above, try using the conversion programs which Sierra provided with the game...see your manual for more details. These files are presented "as-is", and I can't vouch for their reliability. The descriptions are the ones originally given by the authors when they uploaded them to the BBS.

15 Library
File Name Size Added Description

19361960.ZIP 46K 05/22/95 Tons of teams, 1936-1960. Sammy Baugh, anyone?
19611967.ZIP 46K 05/22/95 All the teams you could ever want, 1961-1967
19681973.ZIP 87K 05/22/95 Teams, teams, teams -- 1968 - 1973.
19751980.ZIP 46K 05/22/95 Way too many teams, 1975-1980.
19811988.ZIP 46K 05/22/95 Just what you needed, more teams! 1981-1988.
ABCD.ZIP 19K 05/22/95 Great (or merely good) players from teams too
3IPLAYS.ZIP 4K 12/15/93 triple I formation plays for PRO
FPSCOUTA.ZIP 131K 01/22/94 FPSPro Scouting Tool v1.1 Update
MADDEN.ZIP 68K 10/03/95 This is playbook for John Madden Football
MADDEND.ZIP 89K 05/17/95 A set of defenses for FBPRO '95
MISCPLAYS.ZIP 4k A collection of various plays from the BBS.
NFL.ZIP 20k NFL's Greatest Teams league
NFL94.ZIP 86k NFL 1994 league
ONSIDE.TXT 1k 09/24/96 Strategy for onside kicks
OPTION.ZIP 1k 09/24/96 Two RB pass-option plays.
RSPRO95.ZIP 4.2K 03/27/95 10 more Run and Shoot plays
RUNSHOOT.ZIP 39K 03/01/95 Run and shoot Ofeensive Plan and Plays
TOPTEAMS.ZIP 25k NFL's Best Franchises league
WINGT.ZIP 30K 01/07/94 Wing-T Offensive Running Plays! Awesome!
WISHBONE.ZIP 768 02/12/94 Good wishbone running play both direction

Andrew Lewis' Scouting Combine utility - amusing analysis of individual player's FBPro characteristics. 21K (zipped)

Personal FPSFP files

For FBPro '94

MYPLAYSO.ZIP A collection of offensive plays I designed or implemented for FPSFP. Lots of single-wing plays.
MYPLAYSD.ZIP A collection of defensive plays I designed or implemented for FPSFP.
HISTUSFL.ZIP 28k A collection of historical and USFL teams I constructed, put together in one league. Warning: team "Telford-X" in the Eastern-Historical league is meant as a 'all-world' team, and is *extremely* tough.

For FBPro '95

Here are a number of historical leagues and updated rosters. All of these were originally created for FBPro '96 or higher, but using Jeff Plaff's LGERETRO utility, I have retrofitted them for use with FBPro '95. Unfortunately, LGERETRO does not allow retrofitting for leagues with more than 28 teams, so I had to remove a couple of teams from each of the updated rosters. However, I've been careful to stagger which teams were removed, so that no team is gone for consecutive years, making it easier to recreate a team for a given year if so needed. All leagues are used with permission of their original creators.

From Gridiron Flashback: NFL 1996, NFL 1997, Near-Great Teams 75-85, Near-Great Teams 87-97, Best Super Bowl Teams, USFL

From PLAYERS99: NFL 1998, NFL 1999, NFL 1999 Week 12 update

From FBPro '96: NFL 1995

Personal files: HISTUSFL.ZIP As per above, redone for FBPro '95. I went back to some old USFL tapes I had and redid the team colors to try to get them as accurate as I could. Added Philadelphia '74 ("Fire High Gang") to historical teams; other teams not found elsewhere include San Diego '73 (Unitas' final season), New York '81 (LT's rookie year), and Philadelphia '83 (Harold Carmichael's final year).

Bob Crafton, one of the beta-testers for FBPro '95, redid all of the profiles and gameplans after the game was released to create a "much more realistic league" with a "realistic and quality computer opponent." This file(352K) contains the files and instructions needed to implement these changes. Here is the readme file if you want more info about exactly what the files do before downloading them.


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