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Vas was a musical group composed of vocalist/dulcimer player Azam Ali and percussionist Greg Ellis. Ali's voice is breathtakingly pure and beautiful, and she sings in a hybrid dialect which is part- Hindi, part-Farsi, and part a language of the heart, in a mix which conveys emotions in a poetic manner. Ellis' percussive work is an amazing blend of American jazz and Middle Eastern and African music. Combined as Vas, they made music which was unique, comparable in some ways to that of Dead Can Dance and Sheila Chandra. Vas' last album was released in 2004, Greg and Azam have since continued with their own separate projects.

Vas discography:

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Sunyata Offerings In The Garden of Souls Feast of Silence

Solo works by Greg Ellis and Azam Ali:

Kala Rupa RhythmPharm BioMusique
Portals of Grace Roseland NIYAZ

Here are some selections from Vas' press kit. Thanks to Narada for making them available! (fixed incomplete images 11-20-04)


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