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Twin Peaks sounds

A collection of sounds from the "Twin Peaks" TV series back from when the show was still airing. As far as I know, all the sites that hosted these have since disappeared.

Ben Horne & translator: "Here in Twin Peaks, health and industry go hand in hand." "Heald un industri de gu hund un hund."
Cooper: "Then he's real?" Mike: "As real as I, heheheh!" (49k)
Leland/BOB: "Through the dark of futures walk with me!" (142k)
"Blood brother, next time, I take your head off." (106k)
Leland/BOB: "I'll catch you with my death bag!" (116k)
Albert: "Vigilante justice or just clean country living?" (37k)
Albert: "I've got compassion runnin' out of my nose, pal, I'm the sultan of sentiment!" (41k)
Albert: "I like to think of myself as one of the happy generations." (26k)
Truman/Cooper: "Jelly donuts?" "Harry, that goes without saying." (158k)
Leland: "I killed my daughter! I didn't know!" (124k)
Leland/BOB: "I guess I kinda, sorta did." (43k)
Leland/BOB: "Leland's a babe in the woods, with a large hole where his conscience used to be." (74k)
Leland/BOB: "Leland, you've been a good vehicle, and I've enjoyed the ride..." (159k)
"Hot DAMN, that pie's good!" (29k)
Albert: "Senor Drool Cup has, shall we say, a mind that wanders." (44k)
Albert: "Great. After the squaredance maybe we can all take a hayride." (36k)
Leland/BOB: "I suppose you want to ask him some questions, huh?" (44k)
Leland/Bob: "WOOOO! WHOOOO! WHOOOO!" (132k)

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