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2003 photos T.Gryn

Click on a photo to get the full size version of it.

Los Angeles / Simi Valley fires
This is the first of three digital photos I took of the view of the Simi Valley fires from our house/neighborhood. Those aren't clouds; that's smoke. The rest of the sky was crystal-clear. By the end of the day, the air was very smoky/ash-filled, even though we never came under any of the evacuations.
Photo 2
Photo 3. Note the dark smoke on the right; that's a fire run that started about 5 minutes before the photo was taken.
This is what our car looked like in the morning. That's ash on the car.
Burned hills around Chatsworth - we took this one a couple of weeks after the fires.

Satellite view of the smoke plumes from the fires. The Simi Valley fires are the clusters leftmost in the photo.

Disneyland Christmas 2003 trip (late Nov.)
Donna with the Disneyland Christmas tree.
Tom with a fake cannon in the entrance to Main Street
Donna and the Main Street decorations
Tom with the Haunted Mansion movie display on Main Street
Neat cake display at the cafe near the Haunted Mansion

Long Beach Island NJ trip, Sept. 2003
Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ
Me, on the barrier rocks at Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ
Signage at the entrance to the Ship Bottom beach. Lots of regulations!
Looking back from the dunes down 20th street in Ship Bottom. The white structure at the lefthand-end of the street is the Joe Pops bar. My grandmom's old house was a couple blocks down the street.
Waves! Hurricane Isabel was approaching at the time, hence the surf.
Ship Bottom dunes. I'm currently using this one as my computer's wallpaper.

Columbus Ohio trip, Oct. 2003
Me at the Inniswood Gardens frog pond, Columbus OH
Deep woods trail, Inniswood Gardens, Columbus OH
The Cutting Garden, Inniswood Gardens, Columbus OH
Sunflower, student garden, Ohio State Univ.
Angels vs. Dodgers, Angels stadium, 2003

All pictures on this page were taken using an Aiptek Mini Pencam.

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